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What do you do for a living? It’s such a loaded question. I have realized it is a tough question to answer if you don’t really love what you do. I think it’s honestly a moment when you realize that you are either proud of your direction or not so stoked on it. I have been there one too many times. As I go through life, I have realized that one job may be a stepping stone and another may be a lesson in what not to do. My biggest realization is that if you have a real passion for your job,  you are willing to put up with a little more of the drama and a little less of the pay to get where you want to go. Oh, and you’re not afraid to say what you do.

I can tell when I really don’t like something because I start questioning for what amount of money would I stay and do whatever it is that I am not having an ounce of fun doing. I kind of equate it to those eating challenges on reality TV. How much gross food would you eat for a shot at one million dollars???!!! What is your tipping point? We all have one.

Discovering my tipping point is all part of the process for someone like me who hasn’t known what I wanted to be since I was little.  I have always been kind of a free spirit that way, and I am guessing if you are reading this you have a free spirit too. It’s what drives us to explore, create, and discover. I never wanted to define myself in one way or another, it just didn’t feel right. For example, I love fashion design. So does that mean a life in the city worrying about which leather bag completes my high-heeled wardrobe? No way!  I don’t relate to that. I recently was able to give input on product colors to a fishing company, and HELLO! that was so cool! The one thing I do know, I am happier when I don’t have to deny any one part of myself to be where I am.

Each part of what makes me happy is like a puzzle. How can we fit them all together? I am going to have faith that it will. It’s been fun using my graphic design skills to build this website, and my photography skills to capture and share the moments, and guiding has given me great material to work with. It took me a long time to realize, that just because I have passion A. doesn’t mean I can’t incorporate it into passion B. I used to think, “I love graphic design, but then I will have to give up fly fishing.” I am beginning to combine my passions, and it’s a real treat. Now I feel like I have options, places to move, things to do.

What’s the moral of the story? Just do what makes you happy, and listen to yourself when you are at your tipping point. That point is where I have learned the most. Oh, and when you are at your tipping point, don’t yell, “Go F* yourself.” That really never goes as well as you think it will.

Katie Fiedler-Anderson

Katie is going on her 9th year as a fly fishing guide for Gore Creek Flyfisherman. Prior to fishing, she worked as a raft guide and video kayaker for several years. I guess you can say teaching clients about the outdoors is her passion in life!

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