homestake 6/16/14Eagle river through Minturn.

Try upper access to the Eagle through Minturn, CO. Drive through the town along HWY 6 and keep going until you see the river JUST OFF THE ROAD on your left. Pull off  at any of the little gravel pull off sections.

This can be good to fish early season starting late June. There is a railroad the runs along the river up through toward Red Cliff. If you are feeling adventurous, give a little hike a see what you find! There are fish all the way through the canyon!

Late Summer: This is great pocket water with a hopper dropper.

Also try TWO ELK CREEK by the Minturn shooting range if you are in the mood for a creeking adventure.

Eagle River through Avon.

Early Season/Run-off: High and Dirty. Look for fish in slow big pools or along the banks in faster moving sections. Try the lime copper john or a san juan worm.

Late summer: Try tiny midge patterns and emergers. We like sparkle wing RS2’s …. all day!

Winter: Try a selection of pheasant tails and zebra midges. Fish below the Westin hotel where the water treatment plant comes in for year round unfrozen banks. There is about a mile below the treatment plant with nice pools.

Eagle River through Edwards.

Edwards has terrific river access. There is a healthy riparian zone from arrowhead down through the preserve.

Early season can be tough through town where the trees line the banks. Look for those nice wide open pools that are few and far between. They will be productive this time of year.

Late Summer: Look for well oxygenated water and tie on those tiny patterns!

Winter: The Preserve just past the Gashouse restaurant has great walk in access and can be good when everything else seems to be frozen over.

Homestake Creek

Early Season/Run-off: Make sure the access road is open before heading out. Get out your san juan worms and go get em’! This is a great place to fish when all the other rivers are blown out. The scenery can’t be beat.

Late June: We noticed mayflies and a few caddis. If you want to try for some dry fly action keep em’ small. Remember these fish aren’t all that big so give em’ something that will fit in their mouth! Trail a two-bit hooker or a juju baetis for some extra action.

Late Summer: Try hopper patterns or a royal stimulator with a two bit hooker underneath.

Cross Creek

Early Season/Run-off:Higher flows, these fish will also love the old san juan.

Late Sumer: Pocket water at it’s finest. We recommend a 3wt. rod to make it fun, and go with a dry dropper set up. Don’t fish patterns that are too big though, or you will lose the beautiful but small fish!

Gore Creek

Early Season/Run-off: Try the upper Gore where wading is a bit more manageable. You can follow the Gore trail and fish for miles in the creek!

Late Summer: Hail to the hopper! Drop a size 16-20 pheasant tail below and have a ball! Emerger patterns in size 20 are also a must when the fish won’t look up.

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