Rainbow Spawn – AWESOME!


This is one reason out of millions to get outside and explore. It was super cool to see the rainbow trout on the Yampa River protecting their beds. The trout spawn in the spring and will protect their beds/redds while the eggs develop. I didn’t fish for this particular group. They have a delicate process happening, and it’s best to not disturb.

I am sure you want to be careful to never step on the bed either! The beds will be a patch of clean rocks that is a little lighter than the rest of the surronding river bottom. Just make sure you walk around these sensitive habitats and the fish protecting them.

Katie Fiedler-Anderson

Katie is going on her 9th year as a fly fishing guide for Gore Creek Flyfisherman. Prior to fishing, she worked as a raft guide and video kayaker for several years. I guess you can say teaching clients about the outdoors is her passion in life!

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