Fly Fishing & Photography Combo- Thanks Umpqua!


I am SUPER excited to have some of my photography in this years Umpqua catalog!!

I realize most people won’t know how exciting this is unless you are into fly fishing; but anytime you can combine passions it is something to be excited about! This is something that I always wished for and it’s a cool feeling to achieve even the smallest goals that I have held in the back of my mind for so long. Thanks Umpqua!

UQCATweb1 UQCATweb2 uqcatweb4 uqcatweb5

Katie Fiedler-Anderson

Katie is going on her 9th year as a fly fishing guide for Gore Creek Flyfisherman. Prior to fishing, she worked as a raft guide and video kayaker for several years. I guess you can say teaching clients about the outdoors is her passion in life!

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