Book Your Colorado Fly Fishing Adventure Today!

 Cooper & Katie guide exclusively under Gore Creek Flyfisherman.

We are permitted to guide on the Eagle River, Homestake Creek, Gore Creek, the Colorado River, the Yampa River, and others!

Reach out to Katie (970) 331-1695 or Cooper (970) 376-0002 to speak to a fishing expert; or visit for more information on trips and book today!

Make sure to request Cooper or Katie Anderson as your guide! 

 Here is a short list of 8 things to bring on your first guided fly fishing trip!

1.) Socks. Warm socks are preferred. The beautiful rivers we guide on are fed largely by snow melt from the high mountain peaks. Even on the warmest days, the water is cold. Unless you run with super hot feet ( you know who you are) a nice pair of warm socks will suit you well.

2.) Your drivers license & social security number. You will need this to get a Colorado State Fishing License. You can save a step the day of your trip by visiting this site ( printing your license ahead of time! Many people are hesitant about giving social security information out. But, if you get your license ahead of time, only the state of Colorado will see it.

3.) A snack. We provide light snacks, but if you are in any way particular about what you eat, by all means, bring your favorite bar or sandwich.

4.) Appropriate layers. The best way to dress is as if you were going hiking for the day. If it looks like rain, bring a raincoat and a fleece. Comfortable pants are nice since you will be wearing waterproof waders. If you have small children, I recommend a change of clothes, just in case the take a spill in the water.

5.) Waterproof camera or camera case. We carry cameras and are happy to share our pictures. If you prefer the creative freedom, bring a waterproof bag to carry your camera, just in case you drop it. If you use your phone as your camera, we love the lifeproof cases. Some clients use a Ziploc bag, and this usually works pretty well. By no means do we want you to fall in the water, but JUST IN CASE, protect your gear. If you are clumsy, you can always leave your valued items in the car.

6.) A hat. Hats cut the glare which is a big deal when you are looking at the reflective surface of the water for long periods of time.

7.) Sunglasses.  I saved the best for last! More than anything listed above, don’t forget your sunglasses! Polarized sunglasses are an anglers best friend. They reduce glare and protect your eyes from flying hooks. Don’t forget your little ones! If you are taking a little one along, they don’t need to be fancy, just something. We sell Sun Cloud sunglasses at the shop for around $40, and these can be a great last minute option for anyone.

8.) Sunscreen. Sun exposure is intensified at high altitude. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen liberally any time you are enjoying the outdoors!

You are all set!

We provide all boots, waders, rods, flies, water bottles etc. If you have any questions, never hesitate to ask your guide! I hope you enjoy your time one of the many breath-taking mountain rivers!

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