Blue Wing Ding with Scientific Anglers and Winston- Green River, Utah

We spent a few great days out on the Green River in Utah with fellow pro-staffers from Scientific Anglers and Winston rod company. It was so refreshing to be around so many like-minded individuals. It took about 5 hours of driving to get to Dutch John from Vail.

IMG_2327We arrived at the fly shop in Dutch John which is attached to a gas station/restaurant. The only one for miles. After checking into our brand new cabin (you can rent through Trout Creek Flies),

DCIM100GOPROG0400521.we headed to “Little Hole” which was a take-out for section A. It was maybe a 5min drive. Not long at all.  We wade-fished there and started to sink into the beauty that is the Green River. The color of this river matches its name, but photos don’t quite do it justice. Every inch of this river is crystal clear with deep pools of emerald green contrasted with the huge red rock cliffs on either side. Fish were keying into small black juju baetis flies.




IMG_2296 (1)

Night one. Cooper tried to die at dinner. *WARNING GRAPHIC*  He coughed a few times and as I am asking if he is ok I just saw him paralyzed in a frozen state with drool pouring out of his mouth and tears streaming from his eyes. I started wailing on his back…nothing. I got up and got behind him to get the Heimlich maneuver going. I heard about 20 chairs slide out and all guides were ready to report to duty. It’s funny what details your remember when shit goes down. The sound of those chairs makes me laugh to myself every time I think about it.  I don’t remember much else really. I know I pumped on him once and then I heard someone say “he’s coughing,” so I stopped destroying him and proceeded to watch him hack and puke all over the table. I noticed Coop’s face drained of all color and I was still not sure what the heck just happened. It was a hot mess. THAT is what I call a first impression. 🙂 We went outside and walked around for a bit. I was there just as support in case he tried to die again. He finally puked in the parking lot and immediately after said,” That was it.” I’m sharing this story because it makes me laugh. Literally,  “that was it” and we are on our way to the Wing Ding Olympics.

Cooper had “medical deferment” from participating and yet he still decided to participate in the whole deal; a shot of Yukon and all. #lifechoices #movingon That’s my husband. Love him.


About the Wing Ding Olympics. This was a brain child of a genius.

Station 1- Accuracy casting with a Winston into some hula hoops on the ground

Station 2- Sprint to the cooler across the parking lot and blow the duck call. “blow the fat side”

Station 3- Sprint to a setup and take a shot of Yukon and make a spark with the fire starting kit. Bonus points for starting a fire. (no one got bonus points)

Station 4- Try not to let the Yukon affect you as you sprint over to the blow-dart gun and blow up a balloon, tie the balloon to a leader, hang it on the barn, and pop it with the dart gun.

Station 5- Run over to the 2wt and you get three false casts to thread the line through the hanging target.


You didn’t have to win, you just didn’t want to be the loser. Or this….



As I come back to work and people say “oh you look cold” all I can think about is going again. Of course it was cold, and it was beautiful and it was awesome, and it was STILL one billion times better than working at my winter job or watching TV or doing chores or running a marathon. There was nowhere I would have rather been. Good company, fly fishing, manhattans for everyone. Thanks SA and Winston for an awesome few days. Until next time!




Katie Fiedler-Anderson

Katie is going on her 9th year as a fly fishing guide for Gore Creek Flyfisherman. Prior to fishing, she worked as a raft guide and video kayaker for several years. I guess you can say teaching clients about the outdoors is her passion in life!

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