Blue River Report 4/14/15





With the ski season winding down in CO.  I had an unexpected day off on Tuesday the 14 and was able to meet my brother Drew in Silverthorn to fish the Blue River.  This spring has been unseasonably warm which is not great for the skiing and snow pack, but the spring fishing has been amazing.

As usual, I rigged the night before with a thingamobobber, then one AB weight, followed by a #16 tungsten flashback pheasant tail, then a #18 mysis shrimp, and finally a #20 tungsten juju beatis.

Fishing was a little slow first thing in the morning, but by midday the air temps heated up and so did the fishing! The fly of choice was defiantly the #20 juju beatis although the mysis put the biggest fish in the net.  It was busy as usual on the Blue but people were giving each other space, and the fish were happy and hungry.

Please be careful this time of year walking in the rivers there are still some beds/reds in the river.  You can tell because the rocks look extra clean and there is a slight depression in the gravel.  It is very important to not stand on or walk on these because this is where the trout release their fragile eggs, and we want the next generation of trout to be strong!

Cooper Anderson

Cooper has been a guide in Vail,Co for the last 16 years. He is passionate about the sport and loves to share his experience and knowledge. When he is not fishing in the mountains, Cooper loves to visit his Dad in Islamorada,FL and go tarpon fishing. Book your trip with Cooper today! (970) 376-0002

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